"Sharon's role in developing and facilitating career preparation workshops to hundreds of students per year, resulted being recognized nationally for having established a record numbers of placements for four years in a row. Sharon has an engaging nature, and a depth of knowledge and insight in her field that surpasses most. She is passionate about helping others identify and achieve their goals, which has resulted in the countless lifelong professional relationships. She is truly a gem!"

Nancy Fournier Hawkins, Education Specialist

Count on Sharon for outreach and relationship-building with a wide range of stakeholders. She is an includer who always invites colleagues to diversity events and networking.! Sharon led strategic initiatives for diversity corporate recruitment and scholarship open to 400 executives a year. She specialized in talent development workshops and coaching programs & built national-level, connections to corporations at the top 5 diversity conferences and executive staff.

Randy Grooms, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sharon is passionate about Learning & Leadership Development and executive coaching. In the last 15 years that I have known her, I have reached out to her several times to bounce ideas on the above topics. She is an excellent listener and has a business mindset- she seeks to understand how best her solutions will serve her stakeholders and add value to the organization. She consistently demonstrates diligence, dependability and an innovative approach to building L&D solutions. Sharon will be an asset to company that is seeking to build leadership at all levels."
Tikendra Deo, PhD - Executive HR & Chief People Officer
Here's what Sharon's colleagues say...
Here's what Sharon's clients say...

Out of State Job-Search "Sharon helped me fine tune my career accomplishments by focusing on my major achievements & showed me uncommonly known career search tools. She helped my delivery by making my interview answers more personable. She made suggestions to remove the "clutter" in my LinkedIn profile and resume. Sharon was always willing to meet with me on my timing since I was traveling. I took the information and techniques that I learned from Sharon to get a job in my home state!"

Ray Albright, Engineering, Manufacturing & Plant Management

Major Career Transition "Sharon was instrumental in my career transition! She helped me navigate career and interest assessments to determine what sort of roles would be best & craft a strategy. We worked on cover letter drafting, resume polishing, a LinkedIn refresh, and interview prep. Ultimately with Sharon's help, I was able to secure 3 offers for excellent opportunities. Her guidance and support were exceptionally helpful!

Daniel Haber, Banking & VP Working Capitol

Career TransitionSharon has been the ultimate guide in my career journey. She truly has the knowledge and wisdom to bounce ideas off on my career path, search, and transitions. Her experience with so many organizations, people, and companies provided me a wealth and road map so that I could see success. I highly recommend connecting with Sharon especially if you are considering a transition, a student, or a career professional.

Russell Wagner, Executive MBA Account & Media Executive

Career TransitionSharon was, and forever is, such a joy and inspiration. I was in a period of my life where I wanted to pivot for a completely new role in a different industry. I was scared, stressed, and all over the place when Sharon helped guide me. Not only was she a great listener, she was there when I needed her. Her caring nature and excitement for me to take next steps towards my development helped me get through. Thanks to Sharon, I have the job I wanted and am doing the work I feel most passionate about.”

Candice Mays, Consultant Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Here's what Sharon's clients say...
Career Advancement - Sharon has been an amazing Coach. She walked me through the hidden job market, strategies for networking, optimizing my LinkedIn, re-shaping my resume to maximize interest and showcase my unique accomplishments and helped prepare me for interviews. Since working with Sharon I have had recruiters tell me my resume is "excellent", I've gotten opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise have gotten. Beyond her industry insight, she is a caring and kind coach who offers not only professional guidance, but reminds you of your worth as a person and provides emotional support through challenging moments. I'd highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for job search coaching or growing their professional skills.

Joanna Martinez, Executive Media & Brand Strategy

Career Advancement - I worked with Sharon during a pivotal moment. I was contemplating a significant transition. With her keen insights and empathetic approach, she helped me navigate these murky waters. Sharon possesses a unique ability to organize chaos into clarity. What sets her apart is her genuine understanding of her clients. She took the time to delve into my strengths, aspirations, and needs, providing me with a tailored strategy that was nothing short of transformative. Her guidance was instrumental in formulating an exit plan that not only minimized risks but also maximized my potential gains. She has an innate understanding of human psychology and organizational dynamics. This allows her to offer solutions that are both pragmatic and deeply insightful.

Re'Nauta Bell, Executive Real Estate

Major Career Transition - I met Sharon in 2014, when I was entering in to the MBA program at the University of Georgia. I was unhappy with the field that I was in, and we worked together to prepare and create job opportunities. She connected me with a number of interviews and opportunities, one of which I ended up choosing! Our relationship has grown from counselor, to colleague, to friend. I highly recommend Sharon as an excellent communicator, a caring counselor, and a passionate professional."

Jack Montgomery, AI Operations, IOT & Entrepreneurship

"Major Career Transition - Sharon was my career coach and career instructor and she works closely with the recruiter community. She interpreted my Career Leader test, to help me understand my strengths for a new career direction. As a result of her guidance, I was able to pivot to a new field and began a technology role at IBM which was one of the most valuable decisions I've made for my career."

Morgan Hulsey, Info Systems, Enterprise Sales & Operations